Refund Policy

Implementing the linear discounting system can be tricky from an operational perspective (flows, refunds, commissions...). We guarantee that ticket buyers will receive the refund linked to the Linear Discounting System Refund (Difference between Initial Ticket Price and final ticket price calculated at the registration deadline).

However as a platform, we do not handle disputes happening between event organisers and ticket buyers. Any dispute linked to whatever issue (cancellation, timing, performance, acceptance on site...) will have to be solved directly by the event organiser and the ticket buyer. We are also not responsible for whatever happen during the events.

We advise ticket buyers to enquire about the credibility of Event Organisers before buying tickets. We also encourage ticket buyers to rate the event organisers' performances on the event (directly on their profile).

Under particular circumstances, we reserve the right to freeze the account of the event organiser (repetitive cancellations, complaints, scams, proven failure to refund buyers after a cancellation...).

Please contact us shall you need any clarifications, explanations or guidance !