Event Organisers

Professional Organizers

Togenit is a platform also aimed at enabling Professional Organizers to sell tickets and create buzz for their events, while maximizing profits and providing clarity, visibility and control.

How Togenit creates the buzz for your event ?

Through Togenit, all your events will follow the Linear Discount System. This system will incentivize any joiner to share the activity through social networks and spread the word about it. The system works as follow:

You will set

  • The initial ticket price ,
  • the minimum ticket price based on a total number of joiners ,
  • and the total needed joiners

Illustrative Example:

  • Initial ticket price : $49
  • Minimum ticket price : $40
  • Total Needed Joiners : 10

When registering, each joiner will pay the standard price of $49. At the registration deadline date, the final ticket price is re-calculated based on the number of joiners in a linear manner At the registration deadline, joiners will be refunded the difference between the initial ticket price and the final ticket price. Again, this system will incentivize joiners at sharing the event so that: the more people, the more Fun and the Cheaper !

Togenit Linear Discount Model

Ticket Reception

Once the ticket is paid by the joiner, a ticket containing a code is generated and sent to both the organizer and the joiner.


The commission system is aimed at creating even more buzz while enabling Professional Organizers at maximizing profits. A commission of “15% + $0.32” is taken from your tickets’ final price and evenly split between Business Developers, Affiliates and Togenit. Obviously upon creating events, professional organizers can set the Affiliates Commission manually. In case there is no need for affiliates, the total commission would only be: “10% + $0.32 (per ticket)”.

Business Developers / Affiliates

Togenit is a platform aimed at creating buzz for Professional Event Organizers and enabling them to make sustainable profits.

Business Developers

Any person that refers Togenit to a potential Professional Organizer is considered as a business developer. Business Developers will be entitled up to 5% stake on each ticket sold by the Professional Organizer they referred. Normally, there would be one business developer per Organizer but there might be cases where several business developers would split the commission.

In order to become a business developer, one needs to have bought at least 1 ticket via the platform and get the endorsement of a Super Business Developer. Once business developers have contributed to registering Professional Organizers and selling tickets via the platform, they become eligible to have the super business developer status.

Super Business Developers take a 20% commission from the earnings of the business developers they endorsed.

Affiliates (Promoters)

Any person sharing an event via social networks (links) and leading to a ticket sale will be entitled to a 5% stake on the ticket value.

Commission reception

In order to receive their commission business developers and affiliate will have to create their profile on Togenit. and have a Paypal account. For security purposes, we currently prefer to exclusively do business using Paypal as a payment gateway. We will credit Affiliates and Business Developers’ accounts at the events registration deadline – once the final ticket price has been calculated and the payments been received.

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