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Plan ahead and get full clarity as to future expectations.

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Manage your events' attendance in real time, scan tickets and get statistics.

Get in touch with your events' joiners and get your message through.

Horizons are always open - Sell Tickets in more than 10 currencies and get global.

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Launch your event within minutes

The togenit platform is very simple and user-friendly. You can register for free and have your event Live in less than 5 minutes.

Save your association's money

While most ticketing platforms take ridiculously high service fees, Togenit takes nothing. Free events are completely free - and we take no service fee on ticket sales. In one word, Togenit is the most cost effective ticketing platform out there !

Provide safety for your attendees

All the payment flows go through Paypal - the most secure and reliable online payment gateway. Your attendees can pay whether with credit card or with their Paypal account - though we never keep their payment details.

Generate buzz for your events

We provide several options to incentivize your attendees to share your event. These include Togenit's revolutionary linear discounting system along with our affiliates program.

Manage Attendance in Real Time

You can download the Togenit QR Code Application for Free and manage your event's attendance. The app lets you scan tickets, detect duplicates, get live statistics and it even works offline.

Help is one click away

At all times, you can get in touch with our dedicated support team through the chat window on the bottom right of your screen. We will help you no matter what !

Interact with your members

Togenit enabes you to easily interact with all your members or event joiners. You could whether directly contact them or send a general message.

Get Important Data

You can set mandatory and optional questions for your joiners, and get their answers before the event. Questions could relate to availability, preferences, habits...

Advance Payments

The most credible event organizers get the possibility to receive funds before the start of their events. This can be extremely useful and help cover important costs.

Embed Events

Are you willing to directly display the event on your website ? Our special widget enables you to display whether the entire page or a part of it.

Mass Registration

Are you concerned about the registration process ? No problem, just provide us with an excel containing your members details and we will register them all at once - making it easier for them to buy your tickets.

ID Payments

Do yo usually get paid by debiting your members' cards (ID, Student Cashwallet....). Not a problem, Togenit makes it very easy for you. Just include each member's ID code on a registration excel file and we will make it possible.

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