Frequently Asked Questions

Togenit which stands for Together Enjoy It is a Social Ticketing Network. It is aimed at enabling people to enjoy activities, make friends and also save money. It unites the features of both a social network and a ticketing platform in a mix that delivers value to People, Non Profit Entities & Businesses.
Normal User: There are 2 ways to create a profile. You could whether Sign Up via Facebook in one click, or enter your details on the pop out menu. In case you opt for the second choice, you would just need to confirm the link sent to your email address. Pro Organizer and Non Profit Entity
  • - Enter your details in the form or pop out.
  • - Validate the link sent to your email address
  • - That is it, it takes less than 2 mins !
Normal User: It is very simple, you just need to login and enter your activity details on the create event section. Mind that normal users can not sell tickets via Togenit. Pro Organizer and Non Profit Entity
  • - Login and Open the create event section
  • - Enter your event details details
  • - Make sure to enter your Paypal Address on the Payment Settings Section. For info, the Paypal adress should be a verified one.
First of all, fees are only paid by the organizer. Ticket buyers do not incur any fee nor commission whatsoever. Non Profit Entity: Togenit aims at helping Non-Profit Entities cut their costs. Hence you will only pay 2.9% +$0.30 of each transaction's value. This fee includes everything. Free events are of course free.
Professional Organizers (Businesses): Togenit also aims at boosting businesses sales by providing them with premium features for free. Among others, the linear discounting system aims at helping them generate buzz for their events while reducing risks. We take a commission of 10% + $0.30 per transaction from Businesses (Includes everything).
Please click here for a complete description of the Linear Discounting System.
Buying a ticket is very simple:
  • - Log in and open the event page
  • - Press the Buy Now Button
  • - Pay on the Paypal Page
  • - You can whether use your Paypal Account or Credit/Debit Card.
  • - Once the payment is processed, you will receive an email with your ticket.
For any more information, please contact us at or on +1 302-319-2023. It will be a pleasure to answer any query you might have !